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Group Leader

I’m Esther and I come from Nigeria. I work in ship cleaning as a Group Leader and started working at N-Clean in November 2017. I wanted to join N-Clean as it is known as a reputable company and I have experience in cleaning services from my past.  My skills in housekeeping are exceptionally well-honed, and I feel that I can truly make a difference in positive guest experience.

During my normal working day, I’m responsible for overseeing my teams as they progress on various cleaning task. I check in and help them with any problems, making sure they are in the right place in the right time, using the right tools while working.

I enjoy the sincere appreciation I receive from not only my supervisor, but also the people I work with. A heartfelt ‘thanks’ goes a long way to improving one’s attitude and productivity. In my role I can work independently but at the same time together with the team. Flexibility at N-Clean, as well as recognizing birthdays and having get togethers, are meaningful things for employees.

Working in ship cleaning is a good stepping stone for cleaning service industry and it offers you good experience. My work as a Group Leader motivates me and gives me interesting every day challenges. I Feel positive about my contribution to the company at the highest level.


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